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Thank God for mortgages.

We know. No one’s ever said that. Nobody wants a mortgage, right?

But maybe we should start saying it. How many people would own a home without mortgages?

So, mortgages aren’t a necessary evil.

They’re a gift. Thank God for mortgages.

Meet The Team

A gray-haired (i.e. experienced) guy and his two sons

Cole Butaud

Cole Butaud

Loan Originator
NMLS#: 2025309
Chris Butaud Headshot

Chris Butaud

Owner and Designated Broker
NMLS#: 13157
Landon Butaud Headshot

Landon Butaud

Marketing Director | Loan Originator
NMLS#: 2291245
What’s Different About CSM?
"Just show me the rates already - that's what I came to see!"

Here’s why we don’t list our rates, provide mortgage calculators, or generate automatic quotes:

It’s all about delivering on our promises. Those tools can be helpful if you know what you’re looking at, but if not, they’re only harmful.

Mortgages are complex, and accurate answers require having accurate information – lots of it.

We want you to have reliable answers, so we want to hear your goals and get all the facts. The best way to do that, to start, is on the phone.

What To Expect During The Loan Process
You need a mortgage broker with gray hair.

In our view, experience may be the most valuable quality in a mortgage professional, next to integrity.

“Shut up,” you say. “You’re just saying that because your senior loan officer happens to be old. Give me some real proof that experience is so important.”

First of all, don’t call my dad old (yes, hi, I’m his son writing this). Unless you mean it respectfully. But secondly…

I’m glad you asked. Check out what a recent client of ours said about us:

“What I can unequivocally tell you about Cleveland Street is that there is a breadth of experience and a ‘been-there, done-that, seen-this, seen-that’ that pays such dividends.”

You heard it. Nothing can replace the years and years of knowledge that a loan officer builds up through experience and through seeing every situation.

“Isn’t that a little hypocritical, coming from a company where two of the three loan officers started in the last couple years? Are you saying we should only work with Chris – not his sons?”

At CSM, our CEO and President Chris Butaud is available and highly involved in every loan, advising to make sure we have the best outcome for every client.

So, even if you are not working directly with Chris, any loan done through CSM benefits from his gray hairs. And yes, I mean that respectfully.

Get your mortgage under the oversight of a gray-haired, wise loan officer. Get your mortgage with CSM. Enjoy financial peace.

– Landon Butaud, Marketing Director

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